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SIERRA Fuel Injection Cleaning Kit

SIERRA Fuel Injection Cleaning Kit

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Part number :730281
Fuel additives and gasoline alone cannot clean away layers of fuel deposits when the engine is running. The only proven method is by removing the "stale" fuel (the cause of the deposits) and using a fuel system cleaner periodically. By using Sierra’s Fuel Injection Cleaning (18-8600) System regularly, you will help maintain the injectors cleanliness and performance throughout the life of your engine. For best results, use E-GO! Blast Fuel Injector Cleaner (18-8606).

Kit includes:
  • Cleaning System Container (18-8601)
  • Hose (18-8602) · Small Fitting (18-8603)
  • Large Fitting (18-8604)
  • Carrying Case (18-8605)

List of part numbers that are compatible with the Kimpex number :

  • Supplier number :18-8600

  • Kimpex catalog number :18-8600


List of additional OEM numbers :

  • None